Paolo Banchero in Liguria, relatives ‘hunt him down’

The trip to Italy by Paolo Banchero Is attracting a lot of attention.

After his seaside stay in Liguria, the Magic star moved to Milan, visited Casa Milan and is lending himself to several appointments with his sponsors.

In the coming days he is expected to return to the Ligurian land and from there begin a tour of the Mediterranean. The fever for Banchero has also broken out in Liguria, especially among its relatives.

According to the reconstruction of The 19th Century, in recent months there has allegedly been a “dispute” between the villages of Savignone and Valbrevvena, in the upper Scrivia Valley, to determine from where the ancestors of Banchero, who moved to Seattle. Valbrevvena, more specifically the hamlet of Mareta, where there are several people with the surname Banchero. In recent months a committee, promoted by Mayor Michele Brassesco and the current relatives of the rookie of the year, eager to bring the Magic talent to the small town of his origins. The boy’s landing in Italy seems like the auspicious occasion: the idea would be for a small ceremony with the cousins, the presentation of a plaque (or heirloom) and even the possibility of the conferral of the honorary citizenship. In short, something to make Banchero feel at home and strengthen relations with his origins. A good move by territorial marketing for the small Ligurian town, and who knows, maybe this affection will prompt the player to take another step toward the blue jersey.

Meanwhile, the first citizen of Valbrevenna is determined to take action: “We are taking action to contact him directly,” he explained to the Ligurian newspaper, “there is una relative of his who now lives in Genoa who has set to work, it would be nice to be able to bring him here.”

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