Not even the NBA title makes Nikola Jokic talkative

Nikola Jokic is currently probably the world’s top basketball player. He has dragged the Denver Nuggets to winning the NBA title with a dominating post-season.

Among his gifts, however, is certainly not the loquacity. And the Serbian phenomenon did not melt away even after winning the ring complete with the Finals MVP trophy.

As soon as the decisive Game 5 was over, his thoughts went to his own horse races, then some stringent statements that make an epic feat seem almost business as usual.

We finished our job, now we can go home. An unbelievable win against Miami, a great team that I respect a lot. It took a tremendous effort to win, especially today that we could never score. We defended hard, though, and about 90 points were enough. The beauty of basketball is just that you never know what can happen, that’s why it’s a fun sport.

Anti-personality words par excellence. And it is probably this mild and somewhat shy character, in addition to his undoubted basketball skills, that makes him so beloved by the fans.

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