Moriah Mills makes a comeback: “Zion Williamson beat me up!”

If we haven’t heard of Moriah Mills and his invectives against Zion Williamson in recent weeks, it is not because she quit but rather because Twitter blocked her profile. However, the porn star has now chosen TikTok as a platform to continue her crusade against the New Orleans Pelicans player. In a recently published video Mills went so far as to accuse Williamson of beating her, as well as still owing her $62,000.

These are obviously very serious allegations, that of violence in the first place. In recent weeks Mills had already threatened Williamson to publish their alleged sextapes: publication that did not happen and after a few days the woman’s Twitter profile was blacked out from the platform.

In the latest published video, which bears the explicit inscription “Zion Williamson beat me up.”, Moriah Mills says almost in tears: “He is literally a liar, everything he says is a lie, he is not who he says he is. I wanted to save face, I didn’t want to tell the world what he did to me during our whole relationship. He is a woman beater and the NBA needs to know that.”.

Who knows if Williamson will take action after these very serious allegations, since he has so far merely remained silent.

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