Memphis Grizzlies dump Dillon Brooks

Although the start of free agency is still a couple of months away, according to The Athletic the Memphis Grizzlies have reportedly already informed Dillon Brooks, who will be an unrestricted free agent, that they will not make him an extension offer. The player was talked about for his taunts that ignited the Playoff series against the Lakers, a series the Grizzlies lost. According to some rumors, the organization thinks Brooks’ swagger penalized Memphis during the showdown against the Lakers.

Brooks has only played with the Grizzlies so far, since he was chosen with the 45th overall call at the Draft in 2017. This past season he scored. 14.3 points on average, numbers much lower than the previous year (18.4 points average in RS 2021-22). Dillon Brooks will then be a free agent and will certainly change jerseys in the summer.

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