Matt Ryan, former rider and cemetery worker, will be part of Lakers roster

The story of the NBA season could be the Matt Ryan, the latest player confirmed by the Los Angeles Lakers after training camp. Class of 1997, a small wing role, Ryan last season had appeared in one game for 5′ with the Boston Celtics jersey, his absolute debut in the league. But Ryan\’s story is very special, the kind the NBA is wont to give us, often more like fairy tales than real life experiences.

Yes, because Matt Ryan before joining the G-League in 2021, after four years of college between Notre Dame, Vanderbilt and Chattanooga, he used to deliver for DoorDash, a home food delivery company. However, that was not the only alternative job to basketball in the past year between the 2020 Draft in which he was not selected and signing with the Grand Rapids Gold: the player also worked in a cemetery. In the G-League for him there were. 19.4 points average, enough to attract the attention of the NBA.

The Lakers gave him a chance and he responded in kind, even scoring 20 points in 20′ in the preseason game they won against the Golden State Warriors. In Darvin Ham\’s hierarchies he will definitely start at the bottom, but it is not certain that eventually Ryan will not be able to carve out a supporting role for himself within the yellow-viola roster.

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