Marcus Jordan, son of Michael, Messi and the supermarket: what do they have to do ?

Being the son of Michael Jordan has entailed many advantages for Marcus Jordan, who has been able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle since he was very young, but he has enjoyed an aspect of Lionel Messi that he did not find in his father.

Born in 1990, Marcus arrived just before the peak of his father’s career. Unfortunately, this meant that Jordan was often too busy to really enjoy quality time with Marcus and the rest of his family.

Of course, the same could be said for any professional athlete, many of whom devote countless hours of their lives to keeping themselves in peak physical condition.

Speaking publicly on the issue of sports fathers, Marcus Jordan offered his perspective and explained how some of the best athletes, such as Lionel Messi, are breaking the narrative about what it means to be a family man as a sports icon.

“I like to see them doing things together as a family. I think we’ve talked about that. Like being an athlete — growing up in the family of a public figure. Sometimes, dads get a bad rap for not necessarily being there. And I feel like with Messi–even in public he goes shopping with his family. And so, you like to see him!”

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