Los Angeles Lakers cut Scotty Pippen Jr.

Last year’s pick of the Los Angeles Lakers to sign Scotty Pippen Jr., undrafted rookie, had been greeted with a kind of romance. The yellow-purple were adding a son of art, the first-born son of the best second fiddle player ever, according to many. After one season, however, Pippen Jr’s adventure in LA is already over. The Lakers in recent hours cut him, along with Vincent Valerio-Bodon and Damion Baugh.

In one year Scotty Pippen Jr played only 6 games with the Lakers, producing 2.3 points on average. Better impact in the G-League, with the South Bay Lakers, with whom he instead scored. 22.2 point average last season. Now for the class of 2000 there will probably be a return to the developmental league.

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