Kyle Kuzma believes Nike is ruining the magic of NBA jerseys

Nike returned as the NBA’s technical sponsor in 2017, with an eight-year contract that then runs out in 2025. The big change introduced by the Swoosh over the years have been the jerseys City Edition: Every season, all NBA teams have a new special jersey that often ties in with the history of the franchise, city, or state in which it plays. In short, any team every year has at least one new uniform, sometimes similar to the previous City Edition, sometimes completely new. In addition to these jerseys are Classic Editions, remakes of some franchises’ historic jerseys.

A strategy that certainly boosts sales, but also often leaves room for disappointing results and really unsuccessful jerseys. He seems to think so, too. Kyle Kuzma, who in recent hours bitterly commented on the Los Angeles Clippers’ new City Edition, which appeared on social media in a leak.

“Nike is ruining the nostalgia of jerseys, every year there is a new one and you lose the brand identity of the teams.” commented Kuzma on X. A thought that is actually also quite prevalent in the basketball world. For every very eye-catching new uniform, there are in fact several equally forgettable ones.

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