LeBron James comments harshly on the Brittney Griner case and throws a dig at the U.S.

LeBron James for years has been one of the NBA players most interested in social issues. Among the battles led by LBJ in recent times is the one in favor of Brittney Griner, WNBA basketball player detained in Russia for alleged drug dealing.

The player was stopped at the airport in February because she had cannabis liquid in her suitcase for an electronic cigarette. She has since been locked up in jail and the affair is in fact a ploy by Putin’s government to beat its fists on the international tables where the United States also sits.

The athlete was forced to plead guilty to international drug trafficking in the hope of being freed through a prisoner exchange and a few days ago wrote directly to President Joe Biden.

LeBron returned to talk about the case on his show The Shop: Uninterrupted, airing on YouTube and HBO.

I wonder how this girl can perceive that her country, the United States, is on her side. I, in her place, would go so far as to ask myself, “Do I really want to go back to America?”

Harsh words for which The King was criticized, so much so that he went so far as to adjust his tirade later via Twitter.

I did not mean to attack our beautiful country but merely to try to imagine Brittney’s feelings and thoughts while she has been in a cell for over 100 days.

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