LeBron James’ (almost) SECRET superstitious ritual

Former NBA champion with the Miami Heat, Mario Chalmers, has some interesting memories of LeBron James. During the Feb. 28 episode of “Playmaker,” Chalmers recalled an incident in which James lost his temper.

“The man would lay out all his clothing on the floor before the game and make sure everyone walked around it.”, Chalmers said. “Once reporters walked in on the jersey, he got upset and had the equipment officer get him a whole new kit consisting of jersey, shorts, tights, headband, armband and socks and put it back.”.

LeBron James is clearly motivated to win by any means necessary. His mentality has led him to win four NBA titles with three different franchises. He has taken the Heat to unprecedented heights.

Chalmers and James played together on the Heat from 2010 to 2014. In those four seasons, the Heat reached four consecutive NBA Finals and won two NBA titles. They probably could have won a lot more if only they had walked around his tank top better.

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