LeBron James accused of flopping by rookie

LeBron James is having a difficult time, with his Lakers down 0-2 in the Conference Finals with Denver partly because of some serious mistakes he made in the second game.

In addition to the problems on the court, LeBron also has to defend himself from the allegations by flopping. Accusations that come not from mere fans but even from a opponent, albeit undirected at this time.

Let’s talk about Jeremy Sochan, Polish rookie of the San Antonio Spurs, who watching the showdown with the Nuggets on TV tweeted, “Why does King James dive so hard?”

Note, then, that the word “King” was among quotation marks, indicating that this status for LeBron is merely assumed and no longer current. A somewhat hasty conclusion, probably. And we wouldn’t want to be in Sochan the next time he has to face LBJ, given how much the King (no quotation marks) ties things like that on his finger. The Pole, however, next year will also have on his side a certain Victor Wembanyama.

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