Lakers write to NBA over refereeing against Heat, but whistles are all correct

Fury Los Angeles Lakers in the postgame of yesterday’s loss vs. Miami Heat. The yellow-viola contacted the NBA to complain about some referee calls in the finale that would have decided the challenge in Miami’s favor. Immediately after the game LeBron James had recriminated about only 4 free throws.

“What they tell me is not consistent with what actually happens on the court. When I went to dunk against Thomas Bryant, he clearly elbowed me in the face. I asked a referee for an explanation, but he told me he had jumped vertically with his arms up. Two of the referees told me they had the view covered and didn’t see.” James stated. The play had been this one, in the first half:

And this very clip was allegedly turned over by the Lakers to the NBA demanding explanations in general for the refereeing. Protests that had no effect, however, quite the contrary. In its Last 2 Minutes Report, the NBA reported that in the last 2′ of the game there were no erroneous calls by the referees.

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