Lakers, a statue for LeBron James in the future? According to Gilbert Arenas, he doesn’t deserve it

These days. Gilbert Arenas is causing a lot of discussion, especially because of some statements about Europeans in the NBA that he said would make the league more soft. In the podcast he leads with Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson, Nightcap Show, the former Wizards, Magic and Grizzlies player said. in his opinion LeBron James does not deserve a statue by the Los Angeles Lakers outside the Arena.

A few weeks ago the yellow-purple had unveiled the first of three statues dedicated to Kobe Bryant that will join the many already erected outside the arena, such as those of Jerry West, Magic Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal. According to Arenas’ claim, James would not have won enough with the yellow-purple to deserve such an honor.

“If his career ended today, he certainly wouldn’t deserve it. He hasn’t won enough with the Lakers. He needs to win at least one more title. The closest statue of a player to LeBron for the Lakers is probably Shaq. O’Neal stayed 8 years and won 3 rings. It is hard to compare him to: 6 years, 8,000 points scored, 1 title, 6-time All Star. It is not enough to have a statue in Los Angeles. They can start wearing shoes if they want!” Arenas said while talking to Sharpe.

Recently LeBron James became the first player in NBA history to reach 40,000 career points scored; about a year ago he had also become the top All-Time scorer in NBA history. Both of these milestones were achieved in a Lakers jersey, although they may not be enough to receive a statue, perhaps the greatest honor for a player in American basketball.

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