Kyrie Irving throws a dig at James Harden

Not an easy moment for the Brooklyn Nets. Second consecutive loss after Kevin Durant’s injury but. Kyrie Irving makes no drama.

Without their star, the Nets lost 98-109 to the Boston Celtics and 102-112 to the Oklahoma City Thunder, squandering a 10-point lead in the final bars of the third quarter.

Not an easy situation that immediately led the press to make comparisons with last year’s underwhelming season. According to Kyrie Irving, however, things are completely different, and among the reasons would be the farewell of James Harden Who would have been good for the team.

Until recently everything was going great and we were winning all the time, now questions emerge about the causes of our difficulties. If Durant was there we would have no problem, he is very different from last year, I let the journalists think so me no comparison can be made. Why? Because I play every game and that certainly helps. And then there is no longer a player who only half thought about the good of the team.

Pretty unequivocal message and further evidence of the heavy atmosphere in the Brooklyn Nets locker room a few months ago.

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