Kyrie Irving takes advantage of player option to stay with Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving made, a few hours ahead of deadline, the decision everyone was waiting for on the Player Option of about $37 million on his final year of his contract with the Brooklyn Nets. Irving took advantage of it, meaning that the player will be expiring in the summer of 2023 and not in a few days when free agency begins. Irving’s decision obviously does not mean that the point guard will ultimately stay with the Nets, but only that it will give Brooklyn more time to find a solution.

According to the latest rumors, Irving has reportedly decided to leave the Nets given the lack of agreement on his renewal, leaning toward the Los Angeles Lakers. The latter reportedly offered Brooklyn a package centered on Russell Westbrook, a proposal the Nets sharply rejected. From the words he wrote announcing his decision, Irving seems determined to keep the word he had given after the elimination against Boston, that is, to remain in black and white next season as well. Impossible, however, at least at the moment, to imagine that the player will finish the year in Brooklyn and then perhaps leave the franchise as a free agent. Certainly in a year Westbrook’s contract will also expire and the Lakers will have more room to maneuver if Irving is still interested in the yellow-purple. That is, if a trade for the former Cavs doesn’t happen sooner, perhaps this summer, if an attractive offer comes in for the Nets.

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