Knicks give up Walker and clear space: trade with Hornets and Pistons

The New York Knicks were undoubtedly the most active franchise during the 2022 NBA Draft. Coach Thibodeau’s team tried hard to convince the Pistons to give up Jaden Ivey, Selected guard on the night with #5.

Repulsed the assault, Knicks engaged Detroit and Charlotte in three-team trade, to free up salary space. The trade is composed as follows:

  • A Detroit Jalen Duran (Hornets’ #13 pick) and Kemba Walker arrive
  • The Hornets earn the Bucks’ 2025 first-round pick (traded by the Pistons) and Ousmane Dieng (pick #11 by the Knicks)

One of the Knicks’ main targets this post-season seems to be. Jalen Brunson, who will be a free agent. New York after this move will have $16-19 million free.

For Kemba Walker, however, a buyout deal with the Pistons is almost certain.

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