“Kids want to be like Paul George”: why this unusual statement by Carmelo Anthony?

Many players come to mind in the head of a young basketball player growing up. Many kids of the 1990s wanted to be like Michael Jordan. Boys of the 2000s and 2010s, on the other hand, threw crumpled papers in the trash can while shouting the names Stephen Curry and Kobe Bryant. Now times are changing and some of them need to model their game after that of a new superstar. Carmelo Anthony explains why Paul George of the Los Angeles Clippers has the biggest impact on this side of the game, via 7 PM in Brooklyn.

“We talk about a nearly 6-foot-10 standout who can handle the ball, can shoot, is a sniper, a killer. Kids today want that model. Why do you think most kids today are talking about PG? No disrespect to anybody, that’s the mold of how you create a player on 2k. You’re creating him.”, Carmelo Anthony said about Paul George.

The Clippers star has everything to be admired. In addition to his on-court production on both sides of the parquet, Paul George has made his mark on young basketball players around the world. He has an amazing line of sneakers that meets the needs of every basketball player in terms of style and performance. In addition, he has brought fans closer to the world of the NBA with his podcast.

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