Kevin Durant lands on TikTok and posts first hilarious content

The fate of Kevin Durant is still very uncertain after the trade request made to the Brooklyn Nets a few weeks ago. The rumors have cooled very quickly, partly because KD’s price is too high to really allow negotiations to begin. Rumors have also circulated in recent days that Durant does not really want to leave the Nets but to stop playing with Kyrie Irving, so he might decide to stay if the point guard is traded.

Meanwhile, Durant landed on TikTok and his first content immediately went viral. KD simply caught himself as he remained silent for a few seconds before candidly asking: “So how does this[bleep]work?”.

It is unclear whether the account that posted the video, @2way3level, is actually Durant’s. The profile image depicts rappers Rick Ross and Meek Mill, and the TikTok in question is the only one so far on the profile, which, however, already has over 282,000 followers and more than 745,000 likes. At the time of writing, Durant’s TikTok has already reached in less than 24 hours the 3.2 million views.

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