Jokic’s only missed “assist” on crazy 40-27-10 night 😂

Nikola Jokic almost did it all for the Denver Nuggets tonight against the Charlotte Hornets. ALMOST.

The Serbian center, unfortunately, missed a big assist that would have made a fan’s day. As he was leaving the court and heading to the locker room, a fan wanted him to give him a high five, but Jokic seemed not to notice and proceeded to interact with other fans.

Nikola Jokic did practically everything tonight in Denver…except giving this fan a fist bump 😅

To be fair to Nikola Jokic, however, the fan in question apparently wanted to get an autograph before choosing to take off his pen and instead just ask for a fist bump. However, at that point, Joker was no longer looking at him.

Also, we cannot blame Jokic here for not taking any autograph requests. Surely he was tired after playing and just wanted to go to the locker room to rest after a hard-fought match. In case anyone forgets, he played almost 40 minutes against the Hornets and totaled 40 points, 27 rebounds and 10 assists. For good measure, he also put up two steals on the night. No doubt this fan can try again next time.

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