Jaylen Brown tweets against anti-COVID vaccine: controversy in NBA

Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown made headlines last season after refusing to disclose his vaccination status. The All-Star forward cited his position as vice president of the NBA Players Association as his reason for keeping the matter confidential.

If that rather intriguing incident caused reason to believe that Brown does not support the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine, his recent Twitter activity almost confirms that this rumor is true.

Earlier in the day yesterday Brown retweeted a controversial tweet by Dutch politician Rob Roos, who is also currently a member of the European Parliament, denouncing the mandatory administration of the COVID-19 vaccine worldwide. The Celtics star has since deleted his tweet, but people on Reddit have kept the evidence:

Jaylen Brown did not say anything in the tweet, so it is really hard to tell what his thoughts are. However, the fact that she retweeted such a strong anti-vaccine message seems to have revealed her true feelings on this highly polarizing issue.

Let\’s just say that we were not surprised by this situation. The good fortune for Brown is that he did not have to face a team where it was mandatory to be vaccinated to take the field.

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