Jaylen Brown against In-Season Tournament camps: ‘Unacceptable’

One of the new features introduced with theIn-Season Tournament of this year, the first in NBA history, were the colored courts. These are special parquet floors used exclusively for tournament games, which take some of the colors of the teams playing at home in addition to the team logo in the middle of the court and the two areas’ painted with the theme of the trophy that will be awarded in Las Vegas next month. But not everyone likes this novelty; in fact, more are those who have turned their noses up at red or blue colored parquet floors. And among them are the players: they do not make it an aesthetic issue, or at least not only, but really a safety issue. Jaylen Brown last night in the game against Toronto, slipped and sustained a muscle injury to his groin.

After the race, Brown called the In-Season Tournament fields “unacceptable.” “We are here for this tournament because it will generate profits, entertainment, etc. But you have to make sure the field is safe enough to play on, for the safety of the athletes. I think the field tonight was unacceptable, there was slipping everywhere. Not just me, but everybody. When we played in Boston it was not like that, tonight’s was slippery. I’ve heard other players say the same thing, even about other fields around the league. It’s a problem that needs to be addressed before someone gets seriously hurt.” stated the Celtics star at a press conference.

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Precious Achiuwa of the Raptors also said something similar: “The court was slippery, I fell a couple of times. I have to play and at the same time be careful not to hurt myself.”. Before last night, Torrey Craig of the Chicago Bulls had also voiced such complaints.

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