Irving asks Joe Biden to do his job for Brittney Griner

On Brooklyn Nets\’ opening night against the New Orleans Pelicans, Kyrie Irving urged U.S. President Joe Biden to take action and help WNBA star Brittney Griner get out of her captivity in Russia.

As the NBA season begins, the issue may be forgotten as fans focus on the matches. However, Irving joined many other NBA players to make sure this did not happen. In his pregame speech, the Nets point guard sent a strong message to POTUS, expressing his desire to see Griner safely back on U.S. soil.

\”Please, POTUS do your job.\” Irving said, according to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated.

Kyrie Irving, in a pre-game speech to the fans, makes a plea for the return of Brittney Griner. \”Please, POTUS do your job,\” Irving said.

Kyrie Irving\’s request to Joe Biden comes amid reports of Brittney Griner\’s poor condition in Russian prison. She is even said to be losing hope that America can bring her home.

As a reminder, the Phoenix Mercury centerfold suffered a nine-year prison sentence after she was told she possessed drugs. She has been detained in the Russian country since February.

As mentioned, Irving was not the only one to spread awareness about the issue. As Griner celebrated her 32nd birthday on Tuesday, Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry wished her well and reminded everyone that it has been more than 200 days since she was \”wrongfully imprisoned.\”

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