Ime Udoka, “crude” language also behind suspension

Ime Udoka will not be able to coach the Boston Celtics until the summer of 2023 because of the suspension the franchise handed him for engaging in a relationship with a female staff member. To find out more about the matter, which is still unclear how far it falls within the bounds of consent, Boston launched an internal investigation. According to ESPN, this would uncover language described as “crude” at the address of a woman, his subordinate, at the beginning of Udoka’s time on the Celtics bench.

This element would have played an important role in the decision to suspend the coach, although there would have been several violations of the code of conduct. At the same time, the Celtics do not seem intent on continuing with Udoka after this season. According to ESPN, the franchise would not object if some other team became interested in the coach, who meanwhile will have his salary reduced this season because of the suspension. Several franchises would be keeping an eye on the situation ahead of next summer, when Udoka could be released via dismissal.

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