How was (yet another) NBA debut for Isaiah Thomas?

Tonight Isaiah Thomas played his first NBA game since as far back as 2022, when he signed first a decadal with the Charlotte Hornets and then confirmed him for the rest of the season from March onward. Now giving him a chance has been taken care of by the Phoenix Suns of Kevin Durant and in his first official competition with one of the first teams that had him under contract in 2014-2015 he played very, very little.

Isaiah Thomas has been on the court for less than 2 minutes, 108 seconds to be precise. This of course didn’t allow him to do who knows what, although he didn’t exactly leave the scoreboard untouched. He managed to dishing out 1 assist and also took a shot, which he did not send on target, however. So he remained at 0 points scored.

On the positive side, the Phoenix Suns still managed to beat a very strong team like the Philadelphia 76ers, albeit devoid of star Joel Embiid, who will be missing for a few more weeks and hopes to return before the end of the season.

The Suns took home the win thanks to a 32-point Grayson Allen, a 22-point Kevin Durant and a near triple-double Devin Booker: 18 points, 9 rebounds and 11 assists.

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