How did the Warriors\’ first practice go after Draymond Green\’s return?

In the past few hours the Golden State Warriors are back in the gym, it was the first practice after the return to the team of Draymond Green. The player, due to the now infamous punch to Jordan Poole, has been away from teammates for nearly a week, but will not be suspended by the Warriors. Green will pay a fine, but will not miss games and will try to regain the trust of the locker room, of which he remains one of the leaders.

Under the circumstances, it was to be expected that there would be some frost between Green and Poole at least in the short term. Indeed, after practice, Green commented coolly enough on his relationship with his partner, talking about professionalism and a common goal: to repeat himself by winning the NBA title.

We both know how to play basketball. That is the most important thing. Looking to the future, I am a professional and Jordan is a professional. We have a job to do and we will do it.

Much more serene, on the other hand, appeared Kevon Looney in press conference. Golden State center spoke even of \”joy\” in training.

There was joy in the gym. People were talking to each other, competing on the field. It felt like a normal day. Things happen and we have to move on very fast. I think that\’s what makes our team special.

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