5+1 NBA teams that could target Danilo Gallinari

Danilo Gallinari will soon be a former NBA player for the Detroit Pistons because they have decided to cut him, only the official announcement is missing. This means that he can sign immediately wherever he wants. But who is really interested in the Rooster?

Los Angeles Lakers

The Californians, in the express words of their GM, Rob Pelinka, will be watching the cut market carefully because there are some very interesting names and the Rooster is one of those veterans who can make a difference to you, playing maybe not so much. He showed that in certain games this year in both Washington and Detroit. So watch the Lakers for the Italian.

Philadelphia 76ers

Sixers have just lost Joel Embiid for several weeks, so they are struggling a bit in the long division. The Rooster is increasingly specializing in the center role, so much so that he has often played as the only long with Washington this year. Therefore, could give them a hand while waiting for the return of the Cameroonian, an American passport holder, who could return to the parquet once the playoffs have started.

Minnesota Timberwolves

We know you can’t see this as a real contender, but the Minnesota franchise is ranked first in the Western Conference and Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns are serious about the post season. Gallinari’s soft shooting and size make him a good option for the Timberwolves, he would be a great backup to Minnie’s starters starting off the bench.

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are desperately trying to finish in the top 10 so they can play it all out in the playoffs. It is honestly not impossible but they need to make a physical and mental switch for that to happen. Gallinari could give them a hand coming off the bench and for some quality minutes, especially in case of further “craziness” from Draymond Green.

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A romantic return to Denver or New York.

The Denver Nuggets are the defending NBA champions and are certainly a top contender. Aaron Gordon is now one of the best in his role, but they may need a veteran as a backup who can give you some quality minutes in complicated games. And then the emotional aspect could affect them, since. the Rooster was the henchman for “Fatty,” as he called him, Jokic when he arrived in the NBA.

New York was Danilo Gallinari’s first NBA home, so it would be the closing of a circle, thus being able to return more serenely to Italy and Milan next summer, with maybe one more ring on his finger, since these Knicks made a great trade deadline and in general are doing great!

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