Harden to the Clippers? The latest rumor won’t please the Beard at all

As training camp approaches, it seems increasingly unlikely that James Harden will see his wish to be traded to the Los Angeles Clippers come true. The refusal of Daryl Morey and the Philadelphia 76ers to accept a mediocre quid pro quo for the future Hall-of-Famer, however, is not the only obstacle that could prevent James Harden from playing the 2023-24 season in his native Los Angeles.

After initial talks between the Clippers and Sixers following Harden’s trade request failed, the Clippers reportedly decided to abandon the acquisition attempt.

“The Clippers tried to acquire James Harden, but the deal fell through.” ESPN’s Brian Windhorst told The Hoop Collective. “And from what I understand, it was the Clippers who said, ‘Okay, there’s no deal. We’re going to move on.’ And while I assume they could certainly make a mid-season deal, I assume that’s what they’re going to choose.”

Harden shook up the league by accepting the player option for the final year of his contract and asking for a trade to Philadelphia on June 29, the day before he became a free agent. Reports of his preference for the Clippers followed immediately, with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George immediately supporting Los Angeles’ idea of acquiring the 10-time All-Star. But unfortunately, that idea – at the moment – has remained just that.

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