Harden-Morey-Philadelphia, this statement from an NBA executive does not bode well for Sixers fans

James Harden, Daryl Morey and the Philadelphia 76ers are currently at odds over the future of the 2018 NBA MVP. Harden wants to leave Philadelphia and has asked for a trade, while the Sixers seemed to be up for it at first but eventually decided to end the negotiation and try to keep the guard at least until training camp.

As everyone knows, Philadelphia’s decision led to other problems, with Harden publicly insulting the team’s president, Daryl Morey, calling him a liar. Harden also effectively burned bridges with the franchise when he said their relationship can no longer be repaired.

All these stories do not make dealing with Harden any easier. In fact, an anonymous Eastern Conference executive told Steve Bulpett of Heavy.com that although it is possible that Harden will be traded at some point, the Sixers will have a hard time finding a partner willing to buy the All-Star guard, considering all the baggage he carries, from contract to attitude.

“There may be a team that wants him sooner or later. But it costs a lot of money and can obviously be a big problem when he’s not happy. This is the third team he has asked to be traded to.”, the executive explained.

“And if you want to build a team that wins everything, you have to have questions. The bottom line is that you would rather play against him in the playoffs than have him on the team. There is no doubt that he can put up numbers and the averages in the playoffs can make him look not so bad. But the playoffs are different and that’s where he can cost you a lot defensively and, in general, the way he wants to play with the ball in his hands.”

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