Gilbert Arenas: “Softer NBA? Europe’s fault!”

Gilbert Arenas suggests that the league has evolved into a competition focused on 3-point shooting because of Europe’s influence.

“The NBA took away the aggressiveness. They took away the aggressiveness to open up to the EuroLeague. When they started coming here, it was too hard for them. They didn’t make it. They eventually softened the rules. They didn’t soften the rules for the Americans. They softened the rules to open the international market.”, Arenas said. “When people say that in the next five years the Europeans will lead the league, why do you think that? More shooting from three, passing, cutting: this is not our league, this is not the American style, this is the European style.”

Gilbert Arenas recalled the Phoenix Suns’ 7-second offense engineered by coach Mike D’Antoni, who had worked in Europe before establishing himself in the NBA.

“It’s a three-point shooting league because they are copying the European style. Suns, right? What was the most important thing the Suns didn’t do? Defense. Ole, come on. ‘We don’t want to foul so we can try to score.’ That was D’Antoni’s goal. That’s what the league was created on. They want more and more of these guys so they can expand the business.”, Arenas explained.

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