“Gallinari, get a haircut!”: a Pacers fan’s chorus as the Blue is in the lunette

The season of Danilo Gallinari was certainly not positive and ended with a very bad elimination of his Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the Playoffs against the #6 seed, the Indiana Pacers, 4-2. After a win in Game-5 in which the Rooster had also played 20′, his high in the Playoffs, the Bucks surrendered in Game-6 despite the return of Damian Lillard. Tonight Gallinari stayed on the court only 3′, all in the first half, and scored 1 point with even -10 +/-.

The only point scored, which was also the Milwaukee bench’s only point at halftime, came at the free, with a fairly unusual 1/2 (Gallinari shoots 89% from the line on the season). Perhaps the Rooster was disturbed by an Indiana fan who started screaming very loudly: “Gallinari, you need a haircut!”. An invitation to the player to cut his hair, eliminating the mohican haircut which Azure often sports in recent years.

Even on social media, the Rooster’s cut, the “crest,” has been the subject of teasing: many have compared his look to that of Travis Bickle, the protagonist of “Taxi Driver” starring Robert De Niro.

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