Draymond Green has no doubt that the NBA Finals are already over

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green has four championships on his roster, so he knows a champion team when he sees one. That said, he did not hesitate to crown Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets NBA Champions 2023 after seeing how they handled the Miami Heat in Game 4.

The Nuggets still need a win to officially claim the Larry O’Brien Trophy, but Green believes the series is over. This is in no way a disrespect to the Heat, but rather a testament to how serious Denver is about closing out the NBA Finals.

“Your 2023 NBA champion — Denver Nuggets — has been crowned. If you watched Game 4 and didn’t feel like the Denver Nuggets won the title, I don’t know what you were watching.”, said Draymond Green on his podcast via Bleacher Report.

“And by the way, I don’t say that in a disrespectful way. Not that they’re looking past the next win they need to get. No, I told you, Denver is over breakfast. And last night, these last two games, were another example of that. They’re running out of breakfast. They’re not playing with their food.”

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