Does Lana Rhoades’ son belong to a former Nets? The resemblance is there

Some time ago the former porn actress Lana Rhoades had hinted that her son Milo, whose father is currently unknown, would be conceived with a player from the Brooklyn Nets. On social media, of course, the investigation has been raging as to who it could be, and while some initially thought it might be Kevin Durant, a photo that is circulating in recent hours would instead point the finger at Blake Griffin.

Griffin recently signed with the Boston Celtics and is no stranger to gossip, having for some time dated Kendall Jenner, current girlfriend of Devin Booker. The player has been with the Nets for the past season and a half, with the timing so there you go. What made many users suspect this was a photo of Lana Rohades holding her son, who is now about a year old: according to many, He would look like Griffin.

At the moment it is just irony and some suspicions, nothing more, but who knows, maybe in the future light will be shed on this story that has Twitter users so passionate.

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