Did people close to Ja Morant threaten the Pacers with a gun outside the arena?

On January 29, the Memphis Grizzlies have faced and beaten the Indiana Pacers, in front of their own audience. A few days late, however, The Athletic recounted the disturbing events that, according to some members of the Pacers, allegedly happened outside the arena after the game. These would also include. a firearm, which was allegedly pointed at them by some people close to Ja Morant, including his brother.

According to these Pacers staff members, these people allegedly sought a confrontation with them after the game in the FedEx Center garage. After a heated argument, Morant’s friends (4 or 5 according to the reconstruction) allegedly got into an SUV and, passing by the bus the Pacers were on, allegedly aimed a red laser at the staff members with whom they had just had the altercation. Most seriously, Morant himself would have been inside the coach at the time of the incident. There is no physical evidence, but according to the Pacers’ statement, the laser was mounted on a gun. “We felt we were in grave danger.” stated one of the threatened staff members.

A short while ago the NBA announced that it had conducted an investigation into what happened in Memphis, from this it would emerge that the discussion was true but no evidence of the presence of weapons. Morant immediately commented on it on Twitter: “There was an investigation and said they were lying. Despite this an article came out that painted a negative image of me and my family, and got my brother banned from our home games for a year. Unbelievable.”.

did a investigation seen they were cappin . still let a article come out to paint this negative image on me & my fam . & banned my brother from home games for a year . unbelievable 😂 https://t.co/08p4E8xhJJ
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Although Ja Morant denies that any of this happened, he did not play tonight against Toronto for a “wrist injury”. Other than that, no interviews with the Grizzlies star were allowed before and after the game.

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