Did LeBron James and Barack Obama really go UFO hunting together?

A photo of LeBron James and former U.S. President Barack Obama backpacking through the woods has gone viral. The report suggests that LeBron and Obama were trying to find a UFO, but will it be true?

The image was uploaded by Buttcrack Sports on Twitter or X, whichever you prefer. It is a fake photo and was generated using artificial intelligence. The main source of the photo is @jeazous or Derick David. His portfolio includes work for several publications such as Forbes, Medium, and Uxopian.

Buttcrack Sports is a satirical and parody account famous for spreading made-up news to get laughs and likes. Despite the obviousness and absurdity of their posts, some people still believe the things they put online.

LeBron James dating Barack Obama is not unlikely, since they both love basketball. However, they are unlikely to go out in the woods to hunt for UFOs.

So why did Buttcrack Sports publish a post about “The King” and the former president of the Republic searching for aliens? Well, in the past two weeks the nation has been hit with a congressional hearing on UFOs.

Former Pentagon employee and UFO whistleblower David Grusch told Congress last week that the U.S. government is hiding the truth from the American people. Grusch said he worked for several classified military programs. He stated that UFOs are real and that extra terrestrial non-human life has appeared on Earth in the past 100 years.

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