Did Irving threaten to blow LeBron’s renewal with the Lakers?

Los Angeles Lakers fans around the world breathed a sigh of relief after it was reported that LeBron James had agreed to a two-year, $97,100,000 extension. It took a little longer than expected before the King affixed his signature but, at this point, all’s well that ends well.
Apparently, however, there was one major obstacle that almost derailed LeBron’s decision to re-sign with the Lakers, and not surprisingly, it had a lot to do with Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving.

“Those on the team were confident that James would sign an extension, considering how much he enjoyed playing for the Lakers and living in Los Angeles. The main complication in James’ decision was that he was privately adamant that the Lakers still need to improve the current roster and make a trade to get Kyrie Irving, league sources told The Athletic.”

It is no secret that LeBron James wants to play with Kyrie Irving again to relive their title win as teammates with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rumors suggest that the Lakers tried to trade Russell Westbrook to the Nets for Irving, but this obviously did not go through.

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