Delonte West: “Sometimes I even forget I played basketball.”

The name of Delonte West has been making an occasional comeback for the past few years. The former Cavs, Celtics and Mavericks player, who stopped playing in 2015, had the help of Mark Cuban in recent years after his terrible living conditions were circulated on social media. West was in fact on a par with homelessness, living on the streets and begging. Cuban helped him, paid for therapy to try to solve his problems, but after all this time it seems that the former player is back to square one. A few weeks ago West had been caught on the street begging again.

A few days ago an American youtuber, Shiakuro, posted a video interview with Delonte West himself. The boy caught up with him on the street, trying to figure out what brought him back to a life of hardship after he auditioned for summer BIG3 just a few months ago.

Mark Cuban helped me. He was great, he sent me to Adventure Therapy. I suffer from mental disorders [bipolarismo, ndr], I am losing my memory. Sometimes I even forget that I played basketball.. But God knows what he’s doing. If any of these things had gone differently, you and I wouldn’t be here chatting right now. Look at the joy and happiness we are feeling right now.

I just moved here from Oxon Hill. I have friends here, I used to live in Florida. During my career I’ve never seen a contract at maximum wage, like the ones today. The ones that allow you to never work again for the rest of your life….

During part of the interview, West kept begging people who passed by him until Shiakuro extended him money.

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