Curry comments on victory in Game 3 without Green: “We know how to get back up”

Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors scored a decisive victory tonight against the Sacramento Kings in Game-3 of the NBA playoffs.

There was a lot of noise before this match, with most of the buzz stemming from Draymond Green’s suspension. The Warriors knew what they had to do and Steph Curry led the charge for the champions as they cut the series deficit to 2-1.

Steph looked like a man possessed in this game, finishing with 36 points, the result of 6 threes. The all-time leading shooter also added 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, 1 stoppage and only 1 lost ball in 37 minutes of action.

After his monstrous performance, Curry spoke about Draymond Green’s suspension. The Warriors superstar acknowledged how this was a distraction for the team, but at the same time they used it as fuel for their big win in Game-3:

“There are a lot of distractions and noise around the series — Green’s suspension was a big blow. But yesterday in practice we had really good energy, understanding what the mission was. Understanding that we couldn’t change anything about the decision that we knew was wrong, but we also knew that a win tonight would change the momentum of the series.”.

Steph then talked about Green’s return in Game 4, a matchup the Warriors have every intention of winning. They may be down in the series, but at this point it would be utterly foolish to think Golden State can’t come back:

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“They say Draymond has a history behind him, so do we. We know how to get back up.” Curry said.

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