CrawsOver, what a flop! Suspended due to condensation on the field

This was a rather bizarre day in Seattle. Many fans were hoping that we would get some interesting action from CrawsOver, with LeBron James as the match leader. Unfortunately, a series of injuries began to occur midway through the second quarter. Shortly thereafter, the Lakers star walked off the court, as the match was cancelled due to condensation on the court.

Although it is obviously a shame that this great match was cancelled, in the end it was a necessary sacrifice that had to be made. Condensation on the field means a wet and slippery field, making it dangerous for the players. The game has already seen some injuries, including a minor one for Chet Holmgren. If LeBron James had been injured on a slippery court, they could have received a lot of criticism from the Lakers.

LeBron’s return to the CrawsOver was a big deal, thrilling all NBA fans. The CrawsOver is one of the most popular Pro-Am leagues, run by former NBA star Jamal Crawford in Seattle. It remains to this day as a popular offseason destination for NBA players who want to indulge their desire to play.

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