Controversy over Spoelstra’s move: first divorce, then renew with Miami to pay less alimony

Erik Spoelstra recently renewed his contract with the Miami Heat.

The new eight-year contract will earn the coach about $120 million. Spoelstra will thus be one of the highest paid coaches in American sports and the world. There is much discussion in the United States about the timing of this renewal, which came just days after another officialdom, that of the divorce of the Evanston technician.

Spoelstra, in fact, for more than 7 years has been married to Nikki Sapp, former cheerleader of the Miami Heat’s own. The marriage breakdown documents were drawn up under the coach’s old contract, which will thus pay his ex-wife a maintenance allowance much lower than what he would have had to shell out if the divorce had taken place a few days later.

A move that the American press harshly criticized, drawing attacks on social media for Spoelstra himself. But the people of the web are also lashing out at Ms. Nikki, considered by most to be very naive for agreeing to these timelines. She defended herself by saying that she did not marry for money and declaring herself not at all interested in the amount she somehow “lost.”

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