Conor McGregor has been accused of raping a woman during the NBA Finals

Conor McGregor has been the protagonist, in a negative way, of these NBA Finals. In fact, the former MMA champion was a guest of the Miami Heat only in Game-4, but of damage, established and to be ascertained, he did a lot of it. After sending Burnie, the Heat mascot, to the infirmary for an overly violent punch during a gag, McGregor has now been accused of rape by a woman, as reported by TMZ.

The incident allegedly happened after the end of the game, McGregor according to the woman’s complaint allegedly assaulted the victim in the men’s room. One of the most serious things would be, according to attorney Ariel Mitchell, that Miami Heat security allegedly played a part in this, pushing the woman into the bathroom with McGregor and preventing her from leaving. The former wrestler at that point allegedly kissed the woman without her consent and, despite her attempts to wriggle out, forced her to have oral sex with him.

After that, according to the prosecution’s reconstruction, McGregor allegedly slammed the victim against the wall in an attempt to rape her, but with a few elbows, the woman managed to get away, losing her purse, which was kept by the Irishman’s bodyguards. Attorney Mitchell reported that the woman has sued not only Conor McGregor, but also the NBA and the Miami Heat. For now, these are only very heavy allegations, the police are investigating, and if they find evidence of the victim’s claims, the former MMA fighter would be at real risk.

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