Chris Finch unimpressed with KAT’s 62 points: “Ours a DISGUSTING performance.”

Last night the 70 points scored by Joel Embiid overshadowed the 62 by Karl-Anthony Towns, new career-high. However, the Minnesota Timberwolves’ long performance came in a loss: at home against the Charlotte Hornets, 10-31 on the season, 125-128. In the press conference coach Chris Finch, who has so far led the T’Wolves to first place in the West with a 30-13 record, heavily criticized the performance of his players, including Towns himself.

Ours was an absolutely disgusting performance on defense, we played immature basketball throughout the game. The victory did not ‘slip away’ from us, the game followed this script from the two-ball. It happens when you approach games this way. At one point we just wanted to look for the partner with the hot hand, when we should have gone back to making the correct play. There are many ways to be immature, and tonight there were many players who played immaturely. We disrespected the game and ourselves, we deserved defeat. If in the end we were reduced to always going through Towns trying to get a large number of points? Sure, it worked for a while but in the end that drained us. Finch stated.

Towns scored 44 points in the first half and tried to rack up as many as he could in the second half. “When he scored the first 6-7 shots, we all got pumped up and wanted him to get to 100 points.” Anthony Edwards, who scored only one shot in the first half, said after the game. KAT shot 35 times (21 baskets scored), 24 times more than his closest partner: Edwards himself, with 3/11.

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