ChatGPT has solved the dilemma: the GOAT between Jordan and LeBron is…

In the age-old debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James for the title of greatest basketball player of all time, finding a definitive answer seems nearly impossible. To resolve this controversy, The Sun turned to ChatGPT, the chatbot of OpenAI, and asked him to take on the role of NBA coach and make a choice, selecting one player between Jordan and LeBron.

After careful consideration, Coach AI (which does not stand for Allen Iversion) made his decision clear: Michael Jordan. With a detailed analysis, ChatGPT explained why the now former owner of the Charlotte Hornets was the “outstanding choice” for the NBA’s coveted GOAT title:

“As an NBA coach, if I had to pick the best NBA player of all time for my team, I would pick Michael Jordan.” shared the chatbot. “Jordan’s impact on the game of basketball and his unparalleled dominance make him an outstanding choice.

“Jordan’s skill set was incredibly complete, with exceptional scoring ability, defensive prowess, leadership qualities and an unparalleled competitive drive. He won 6 NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, earning Finals MVP all 6 times. Jordan also won 5 regular season MVP awards, demonstrating his consistent excellence throughout his career.” Jordan’s consistent ability to influence the game on the defensive end perhaps tipped the scales in favor of the Bulls icon over LeBron for ChatGPT.

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