Brooks hits Mitchell down there, a fight breaks out, and then, “I’ve been giving you c*** for years.”

Sensational brawl in NBA night’s showdown between Cleveland Cavaliers e Memphis Grizzlies, then won 128-113 from the Ohio franchise.

In the third quarter. Dillon Brooks goes in for penetration, gets blocked by Evan Mobley and Donovan Mitchell catches the rebound. Falling Brooks extends a hand toward his groin of Mitchell and strikes him, the Cavs player then hurls the ball at him. The two come into contact, thus ccoordinating a scuffle that also involves benches and technical staff. The referees restore calm with no small effort and kick out both Brooks and Mitchell.

The clash continues in the post-race With Mitchell not letting up on his opponent.

We all know what kind of guy he is, we’ve seen many times what he does. We’ve challenged each other personally so many times, honestly I’ve been c***ing him for years. There’s no place for these things in the game, they’ve been going on for a long time now against me and others, it’s not new anymore.

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