Boston Celtics break several records in DOMINATION by 52-point margin against Warriors

The Boston Celtics recall the Golden State Warriors raising the Larry O’Brien Trophy on the TD Garden floor. That’s just one reason why the C’s absolutely dominated Sunday afternoon, destroying the Dubs 140-88.

Although the game was billed as a prestige matchup, it quickly got out of hand. The Celtics took a 22-point lead in the first quarter against the Warriors and then recorded their largest halftime lead (44 points) in franchise history, closing on top 82 to 38.

This was not the only record broken by Boston. The Celtics’ 52-point victory marks their third win by 50 or more points in the 2023-24 season, which is the most wins by such a margin in a single season.

It was also a historically bad game for the Golden State Warriors. Future Hall of Famer, Steph Curry, finished with 4 points and 0 3-point shots on 9 attempts. He played only 17 minutes before resting for the entire second half.

Perhaps the best statistic for Boston is that the team has won its last 11 games. Star Jayson Tatum, who celebrated his 26th birthday on Sunday, is playing MVP and scored 27 points in 25 minutes against the Californians. Jaylen Brown also shined, with 29 points in just 22 minutes and 11 of 19 from the field.

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