Blake Griffin’s first action in Boston is a tribute to Rodman

Not even a week has passed since Blake Griffin signed with the Boston Celtics and he is already making team history in memory of Dennis Rodman.

Unfortunately for Celtics fans, it is not something related to the court or basketball performance. We will only be able to analyze that aspect at the beginning of the regular season. However, Griffin was the first to do something in Boston since he chose to wear number 91.

Griffin is the first player in the team’s history to wear the number and it is quite surprising considering the fact that he had never chosen it in his long NBA adventure. He wore number 32 with the Los Angeles Clippers before switching to number 23 with the Detroit Pistons and number 2 with the Brooklyn Nets.

According to Gary Washburn of The Athletic, however, Griffin chose the new jersey number as a tribute to Dennis Rodman. The Worm wore number 91 during his time with the Chicago Bulls from 1995 to 1998.

While we don’t know if changing jersey numbers will help Blake Griffin turn back the clock and allow him to return as athletic and strong as he once was, perhaps channeling his inner Dennis Rodman would help him embrace his new role with the Celtics and perhaps even become a star with them.

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