Best point guard ever, according to Stephen Curry

The best point guard in the history of basketball? Stephen Curry. Stating this is — Stephen Curry himself.

The Golden State Warriors star, host of the podcast by Gilbert Arenas, called himself the best point guard of any era. In fact, the former Wizards asked him if he felt he was one, and Curry bluntly said yes, after thinking about it for a moment.

Shortly afterwards Steph added that contending with him for this palm is. Magic Johnson. Curry argued his ideas and revealed that he loves comparisons between players from different eras, those speeches that fans really like and athletes usually say they hate.

Yes, I am the best point guard ever. There’s only me Magic Johnson to play for this title. He has an incredible palmistry, just coming into this discussion is something I never thought possible. I enjoy comparing different eras, people like these heated discussions, we do them for that very reason.

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