Ben Simmons said he will also shoot from three-point range next season

Ben Simmons is finally about to return to the court, after more than a year’s absence due to his breakup with Philadelphia and alleged back problems once he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets. Host of former teammate JJ Redick’s podcast, The Old Man and the Three, Simmons talked mostly about last season and what lies ahead for him in HCL. The Australian, upon specific question, said that he will also shoot three-pointers next season.

“I have to do it.” said Simmons, whose career has an unenviable 5/34 from three-point range. The player was always teased because of this missing fundamental, but never really put in the work to improve.

But Simmons also talked about Philadelphia and how he did not feel supported during the darkest moment of his career, after the resounding flop in the 2021 Playoffs:

I was in a really bad situation, I’m trying to come back and you guys are throwing everything at me, you’re not helping me. I was just looking for help. I didn’t feel it from coaches, teammates, etc. I wouldn’t say all teammates, because there were also great guys on the team who reached out to me and with whom we are still friends. But I don’t feel I got any help, and it was a very difficult time.

When discussing the legal proceedings taken against the Sixers to recover part of the $20 million that was withheld from his salary last season, Simmons added:

I don’t care about the money. I don’t care about money right now. I want peace and happiness, I want to be peaceful. If this should cost me any amount of money, I will be fine with it. My peace is more important than money.

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