Andrew Wiggins says he still regrets getting vaccinated

Andrew Wiggins last season was a first-time All Star and won his first NBA title. Surely the first of the two milestones would never have been achieved if the player of the Golden State Warriors had not been vaccinated against the Covid-19 before the start of the season. According to San Francisco city laws, in fact, Wiggins would have been in a similar situation as Kyrie Irving. Reason why the player was basically pushed to vaccinate himself by Golden State’s management and staff. A choice that paid off, given Wiggins’ importance in the Dubs’ economy.

But Wiggins has never hidden his aversion to vaccines, with questionable statements before inoculating himself and even after. Now that that very vaccine can be said to have given him a chance to compete last season and win the NBA title, in an interview with FanSided the player nevertheless reiterated that he he still regrets his “choice”. Quotation marks are in order because, as Wiggins himself pointed out, it was not a free decision given the external pressures.

To this day I would still prefer not to have been vaccinated. I did, and I became an all-star and then an NBA champion, so it went well, I didn’t miss the year and I had the best season of my career. But I don’t like to put stuff in my body, so I didn’t like to vaccinate and I didn’t like that it wasn’t my choice. It was: either you get vaccinated or you can’t play.

Next will be the last year of his contract for Andrew Wiggins, who will be a free agent in the summer of 2023. There had also been speculation in recent weeks about a trade for the player, who will earn $33.6 million next season.

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