An escort goes viral thanks to a Steph Curry photo and doubles her rates

A few days ago, during the clear win over Milwaukee, Steph Curry cheered after a basket by mimicking a “swing”, thus pretending to have a golf club in his hand. The photo that captured Curry’s jubilation circulated widely on social media, not only thanks to the Golden State Warriors phenom.

In one shot, behind Curry hitting an imaginary ball, indeed appears a girl who has attracted the attention of so many users for obvious reasons. The shot has become a meme in particular on X, where a user pointed out how the NBA decided to remove it from the photo posted on its official accounts. Actually that’s not the case, it’s really two different photos, but the gag made it go even more viral.

A few days later, the identity of the girl in question was discovered: she is Katherine Taylor, luxury escort in the San Francisco area. and actually a Sacramento Kings fan (but probably a fan of NBA basketball in general). TMZ interviewed her and she announced that, thanks to the injection of popularity she got thanks to Curry, she will raise her rates, which were already high before this episode. From $900 per hour for her services, it will go as high as $1,500: almost double that. Taylor also revealed that there have been numerous athletes who have written to her privately, probably not just to converse.

We are sure that with the money earned from this story, Taylor will purchase at least one Steph Curry jersey for one of the upcoming games.

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