Aftermath Ending Explained – What Became of Otto?

Aftermath is a horror drama film directed by Peter Winther and distributed on Netflix. The major actors are Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore, with Sharif Atkins, Jason Liles, Brit Baron, Jamie Kaler, and Travis Coles rounding out the supporting ensemble.


Aftermath is a horror film that tells the story of a couple that is trying to save their love from falling apart. They buy a new house in an attempt to establish a new environment. The mansion, however, has a spooky reputation, and the pair becomes immersed in the web of mystery that the haunted house creates.


The film succeeds as a psychological horror, but it lacks a satisfying conclusion. Let’s speak about and debate the Aftermath conclusion and its final minutes.

Plot of Repercussions


The film’s opening scene depicts a wife being shot by her husband, who then shoots himself. Next day, Kevin chooses to buy the house where the murder occurred in order to rekindle his relationship with his wife.


Kevin’s wife Natalie previously had an affair with his brother. Their psychotherapist suggested that they change their environment to rekindle their love, which led to the purchase of a new home. The couple hoped for a better opportunity, but the haunted house had something greater in store for them.


The Haunted House’s Mysteries


Before they arrived, a couple lived in the residence, according to one of the neighbours. The husband had apparently cheated on his wife. She discovered it and, in order to get retribution, she began cheating on her husband with this strange man.

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Claudia, a neighbour, believed Jay couldn’t murder somebody and that something else was going on in the house. However, the police simply rejected it as a case of infidelity, accusing Jay of murdering his wife as a result of his infidelity.


The Unknown Person


Natalia began to sense the presence of a strange man in the house. She installed CCTV cameras throughout the house in order to gather evidence. They did not, however, indicate anything substantial. In one clip, though, she discovered a man creeping under her bed.


Natalia was chained in the storeroom by Otto, the unknown man. He seemed to want to cause a schism between the pair for some reason. He also had all mechanical triggers and a CCTV system installed in the room where he chained Natalie.


What Happened to Otto After the Aftermath Ending?


Natalie finally realised that Otto was the man with whom Erin was having an affair. Otto had penetrated this area because she had taken him into the house. However, Erin ended up siding with Jay, and Otto killed them both in a fit of wrath.


When the couple claimed paranormal activity, the police assumed it was their neighbours trying to scare the new couple away from buying the house. The big picture, on the other hand, was rather different. Otto genuinely wanted Natalie for himself, so he tried to cause a dispute between them.


Natalie was able to murder Otto in the end, and he was unable to carry out his plan. There was also talk about Natalie’s sister being sexually molested by Otto, although the movie didn’t go into that much detail. The couple left the residence after a series of horrible occurrences and began a new chapter in their lives.

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